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Lob Serves, Drive Serves, Z-Serve

4 Types of Racquetball Lob Serves

Part 1, 2, 3, 4

Part 1 – The Straight-In Lob

Part 2 – The Half-Lob

Part 3 – The Knick Lob

Part 4 – The Lob Z-Serve

Drive Serves

“Hit a Killer Drive Serve in Racquetball”


“Hit a Killer Z-Serve in Racquetball”

Forehand Swing

Hit a Perfect Forehand Swing in Racquetball

Backhand Swing

Hit a Perfect Backhand Swing in Racquetball


How to Hit a Pinch-Shot in Racquetball

Cross Court

Hit a Cross-Court Pass and Kill Shot in Racquetball


Simulate Rally Play, Shuffle and Hit, Drop and Hit

Simulate Rally Play

Shuffle and Hit

Drop and Hit